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Switch from ready-to-wear to custom-made content

News agency clients have long complained of having to buy every size in every color, only to wear one item at a time. While “ready-to-wear” content has dominated for nearly three centuries, the future of news agencies now rests in a custom-made approach.

Transform your brand into a media

The first step in successful communication is to be positioned in a market segment as a value-creating – preferably free – contact, before being perceived as a supplier of paying services as such.

Flexibility and strategy

flexibility can be defined as a capacity to adapt under a double constraint: uncertainty and urgency.

Contents and containers: the end of a fabled couple

The advent of this media and communications revolution will most likely be a key element in terms of the capacity for these industries to stay at the heart of the public’s habits.

Projecting History into the Future

As everything accelerates, including the loss of data from the recent past, it is essential to implement an ambitious conservation policy for all documents, as well as a means of sharing these unique testimonies to a partially forgotten past.

Of Data and Men

By Clement Charles, CEO & Founder, AllTheContent News Agency
90% of today’s existing data was produced over the last two years. A single month of data produced by humanity exceeds

The need to be globally local

By Clement Charles, CEO & Founder, AllTheContent News Agency
As the world continues to shrink, and its borders grow more permeable, the regional pertinence of messages has never been more

New Forms of Commercial Communication

By Clement Charles, CEO & Founder, AllTheContent News Agency
A prominent American industrial of the last century used to say, “When I spend two dollars on advertising, that’s one dollar

From commercial communication to delivering added value

By Clement Charles, CEO & Founder, AllTheContent News Agency
In a context of overabundant commercial messages and cautious advertising budgets, some companies are now going straight from commercial communication to

Social journalism

By Clement Charles, CEO & Founder, AllTheContent News Agency
In an interactive, connected world, the careful use of comments and community interaction supports journalism, often enhancing content. Somewhere between crowdsourcing

Member of the month | September 2014

A short Q&A with our new member of the month, Cyril Fievet:
– Cyril, could you tell us more about yourself?
– I am a journalist who stumbled

The Fight for transparency

By Clement Charles, CEO & Founder, AllTheContent News Agency
Although a noble intention, is transparency still relevant today? Should it become one of the media’s hobbyhorses? With what aims and

Journalism 3.0

In this period of fundamental change within the press, there is a question mark over the real role of tomorrow’s journalists in a world where everyone has become a content

T-Commerce: shop for anything you see on TV!

In 2015, a large proportion of the revenue for interactive TV channels – besides subscription and VOD – will come from “t-commerce”, with a “t” as in “television”.

Will constructive information save journalism?

As an ICRC delegate, Isabelle Bourgeois was sent in the hottest planet conflict areas: Kosovo, Ethiopia, Iran, Iraq… Challenging years, from which she has kept good memories though:
“In my