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Everything you wanted to know about freelance journalism

Freelance Journalism is a form of reporting and news coverage with analysis, in which a journalist is not attached to any media or print house. The word freelancer is self-explanatory by its very nature. It indicates somebody who is self-employed and does not work on a salaried basis. A freelancer may be of any profile or profession, industry or domain. It does not matter. What matters is that such person or persons work on project basis or job basis. A myriad of freelancing options are available across the industry.

Freelance journalism, freelance writing and freelance publishing are the varied forms of self-employed writing and reporting. Freelance journalism is a very challenging and innovative profession which can yield substantial career dividends, along with a social purpose and goodwill orientation. Freelance journalist job content involves working on specific assignments. This means, delving into these particular assignments, finding the truth about them and more importantly publishing them so that the truth is revealed to the people. In that sense journalism is a truly self-inspiring and social serving profile.

Real Journalism often has been said is the pursuit of truth. News reporting as a concept is as old as the growth of civilized society. In ancient Roman times itself it existed, in a very rudimentary form by the inscription of news and happenings around the country on roadside stones. Modern Newspaper industry through the usage of printing press took shape in Germany around 1605 AD. Since then Europe saw a steady growth in newspaper publishing. The emergence of free democracy in England and the American war of Independence were a major impetus for the growth of free and fair reporting.

With the advent of television, journalism went into an altogether different realm. Live coverage of events and happenings, national and international happenings relayed across the world, latest developments in science and technology and sports etc. started spreading to all 5 continents in no time.

Toady’s journalism is going far ahead beyond standard reporting. The growth of internet and social media like Youtube, Facebook, Twitter as well as smartphones and apps have given journalism a new edge. Website blogs, Feeds, writer forums are brining likeminded journalist and writers of different nationalities on a common platform.

Freelance Journalism is in high demand today. It is looked at as an aspiring career by many. There are large corporate media houses . Some of them have global tie ups with international media companies. Most of the media groups have unbiased reporting. But this need not be true for all. A lot many of them have loyalties and affiliations which are already pre-defined. Some of them are backed by powerful corporate and political lobbies and interested groups. Under such circumstances, what suffers is correct information and truth. Many renowned journalists and reporters prefer to be freelancers rather than follow media pre-defined way of reporting in which realty and facts may be hidden. If not completely hidden at least it may not be presented to the extent that the journalist wants. Even budding new journalist are eager to walk the path of freelance journalism albeit the lower monetary returns accruing from it.

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