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Use Chartbeat to optimize your blog

You have a website that is constantly evolving and you want to optimize your page views? Then you might want to keep track of your site’s real-time performance such as knowing the amount of active viewers visiting your blog. By using Chartbeat, a web-analytics software, you not only can keep track of your visitors but also get an idea of what is trending and why. Here is an overview of what Chartbeat can bring to you:

  • Real-time Tracking – know exactly what your blog’s visitors are doing and when they are doing it
  • Track Engagement – know what your real-time top stories are
  • Blog Surveillance – monitor incoming traffic as well as real-time social sharing activities
  • Dashboards – develop easy-to-use dashboards to combine crucial marketing metrics

A more comprehensive outlook on Chartbeat metrics

Chartbeat enables you to monitor each page of your blog at every second

  • The rudimentary metric that allows you to know what is popular and trending on your blog, is to know the raw number of viewers presently on site.
  • This web-analytics software measures the content read by your visitors. This is advantageous for debugging as for example, if your viewers are leaving your blog at 50% through the site, then you should ask yourself what is wrong with the other 50% of your blog.
  • By measuring the amount of time people actively devote to your blog, Chartbeat can compare the engagement across pages. It was found that viewers who spend more time reading on a blog tend to return to the website later. Therefore, by optimizing your blog in such a way that people are directed to the most appealing pages, your audience development statistics will in turn greater thrive.
  • Understanding how your viewers get to your blog will help you to monitor the quality sources of the traffic on your website.
  • By using Chartbeat, diagnosing problems is almost instant. For example, if the statistics of Chartbeat shows that you have zero visitors on your blog, then perhaps your webpage may be down or a vital link may be damaged. Being constantly aware of the traffic on your blog will allow you to tackle problems more efficiently and in a marginal lapse of time.

Therefore, if you want to increase the traffic on your blog, use Chartbeat to decide what trending content to include. Also, the highly user-friendly Chartbeat’s dashboards is within the reach of professionals as well as novices. Moreover, Chartbeat can be added as a plug-in to your blog which will further facilitate you to track your ever-changing statistics thus yielding a higher productivity.

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