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Good mobile news Apps

We’re all being told that mobile is the next big thing for news, but what does it mean to have a good mobile news application?

Just as an online news site is a lot more than a newspaper online, a mobile news application is a lot more than news stories on a small screen. The better iPhone news apps integrate multimedia, social features, personalization, and push notifications.

Not all apps get even the basics right. But a few are pushing the boundaries of what mobile news can be, with innovative new features such as info-graphic displays of hot stories, or integrated playlists for multimedia.

Click here for a roundup of 14 iPhone news offerings:
Daily Zeitgeist
NPR News
AP Mobile
Thompson-Reuters News Pro
TIME Mobile
The Guardian
CNN Mobile
The Independent
Al Jazeera English Live
Jakarta Globe
Fluent News Reader
BBC News Mobile
The Huffington Post

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