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Intermarché, fier de ses producteurs locaux

Plusieurs enseignes du groupement des Mousquetaires, un acteur majeur de la grande distribution en France, souhaitent mettre en avant leur engagement auprès de la filière locale en présentant quelques

Jack Reacher 2: interview de Tom Cruise

Yahoo a confié à AllTheContent le sous-titrage en cinq langues, et en urgence, d’une interview de Tom Cruise, réalisée lors de la Première de «Jack Reacher: never go back».

First news from bluewin in 2016

For a good start to 2016, we propose all the bluewin recent hits.
We hope you had a wonderful Christmas time and we are happy to see you here!

Providing Reuters content for SITA OnAir

Flying implies a distinctive media experiences. Passengers on board are craving out for entertainment, but aviation limits how it can be delivered. Airlines with Internet access and in-flight wireless

The main news on bluewin

Here are the latest news before Christmas time!

Scientists discovered why animals and birds have a good sense of direction. It could be created by a couple

Find out some of our best interviews for bluewin!

AllTheContent / Romain Quirot
Weekend is coming. We selected for you a list of ITV about people, journalism and gossip!

Everybody can remember Gym Tonic and those two

“Scouts Guide to the Zombies Apocalypse”, new articles for Yahoo’s tumblrs

“Scouts Guide to the Zombies Apocalypse”, directed by Christopher Landon with film stars Tye Sheridan and Logan Miller, is an American action horror comedy. The film tells the story

The new adventures of Peter Pan!

Translating articles for Yahoo tumblrs
We all know the story of Peter Pan, the young boy chased by Blackbeard, the dreadful pirate leader! For the theatrical release of Warner

Dubbing Reuters News

Reuters formed a partnership with AllTheContent to dub various videos. Our challenge was to provide the localized videos in record time. Discover all the details of this project below!

Translating articles for Yahoo tumblrs

Paranormal Activity: The Ghost Dimension
All thrill-seekers are familiar with the “Paranormal Activity” saga. In the fifth horrific film of the series – released this November – director Gregory Plotkin

So many scoops for bluewin!

And here is our latest batch of news articles for bluewin! We provided this very popular Swiss web portal with celebrities and glamour, science and trends buzzing on the

Tumblr, the fan’s best friend

Hardcore fans want to know everything about their favorite movie. They religiously read every anecdote about the shooting, every gossip about the actors, and every piece of information about

Latest news from bluewin!

Here are some news AllTheContent provided for bluewin this month :
John Marzluff, a scientist working at the University of Washington, discovered a new explanation about the ravens’ funeral ritual. Ravens are one

Production Highlights: “The Martian” subtitling

AllTheContent has been mandated by Yahoo to subtitle videos about one of the year’s blockbusters: “The Martian”.
One of those videos is a great interview of Matt Damon sharing anecdotes about

Science and people on bluewin!

Photo: AllTheContent / Lefebvre François / FTV
And here is our exclusive articles for bluewin, including amazing scientific stories and great interviews.
Famous actor, producer and father, Samuel Le