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China is saying no to electric car startups!

China is one of the leading countries for car manufacturing. China has reported that they have 486 electric vehicle companies and with more startups rushing to get a piece

“How does technology affects our memory?”

Technology has made storing information easy: telephone numbers, birthdays and passwords etc. Is the simplification of storing this information causing us to use less brainpower?
Dr Finley and

Are you delivering the right content?

Marketing and content creation is always a touchy subject, Vennli currently published a report on the difficulty of marketing.
The reports highlight key challenges
– Marketers are creating

Flights of the Future

Bernadette Berger, associate creative director at the Seattle-based agency Teague recently put forward a new design that can change the overall air industry and flight experience.
The new

Why the “bigger-is-better ethos” killed the Smart Car!

The first Smart Car was launched in 2004, with it is cost-effectivity and environmentally cautious features, people are still opting for bigger automobiles. Canada and the United States will

“AI upscaling”

Last Year, Forbes published an article titled “14 Ways AI benefit or harm society“. The article discussed that AI can help increase efficiency, lifestyle, benefits multiple industries and improves creativity.

Sustainability and Food Waste

Sustainability is on everyones mind. To become more environmentally friendly and be more conscious about the use of our natural resources. According to the United Nations Department of economic

The world’s largest plane succeed test flight

stratolaunch has been working for eight years on the world’s largest plane, 385-foot wingspan.On the 13th of April, the company has finally been able to successfully test flight their creation.

Non-Recommendable Content

Instagram recently announced that they will have stricter guidelines on content and its recommendation. The company will limit the sharing of content that is considered in “bad taste, lewd,

Sony’s Crystal LED

A recent Outdoor LED Display Market report indicated that in the U.S. the market value will reach more than USD 2.5 billion by 2024. There is a growing demand

A look at the public perception of media in France

Florence Villeminot, recently discussed the Yellow Vest movement in France and the public perception of journalism. Overall, the French public has a negative view of media and journalism. This

New Australian legislation for Social Media

The Australian government has passed new legislation that will prohibits violent videos on social media. The “sharing of Abhorrent Violent Material” bill creates new offenses for content service providers.

How technology and innovation can reduce loneliness.

Vodafone UK had commissioned a report on technology and loneliness among those over 50. Their finding includes:
– It is a myth that technology makes us more alone

Innovation in fish farming is reducing environmental risks

Sustainable food and agriculture are key points on the United Nations agenda and governmental policies. Due to unprecedented pressures, the agriculture industry is forced to make changes in their food

Facebook’s user base is decreasing

Niall McCarthy, a Data journalist and Forbes contributor, recently released an article on Facebook and where it stands today. “Is Facebook Becoming Social Media’s Retirement Home?”, intrigues the readers with