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A look at the public perception of media in France

Florence Villeminot, recently discussed the Yellow Vest movement in France and the public perception of journalism. Overall, the French public has a negative view of media and journalism. This was widely expressed during the current coverage of the Yellow Vest Movement in France. Journalists and local media has been critiqued for not fully covering the movement events and providing the public with the facts. Furthermore, the media is often accused of being in “the hands of few powerful businessmen”. Villeminot states that “6 out 10 people believe that journalists say the same thing”.

She further states that in France there are 35 000 journalists present and all French media are in someway supported by the State. Hence, the perception of a news monopoly does not really fit.

There is also the argument that journalists are considered as part of the elites and their views can be clouded. They receive a special status and access, in addition, a tax break and a full disclosure.

Villeminot, also discussed the rise of internet and social media. This phenomenon has a radical impact on how people consume the news.It also provides the opportunity for an increase in fake news.

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