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Non-Recommendable Content

Instagram recently announced that they will have stricter guidelines on content and its recommendation. The company will limit the sharing of content that is considered in “bad taste, lewd,

A look at the public perception of media in France

Florence Villeminot, recently discussed the Yellow Vest movement in France and the public perception of journalism. Overall, the French public has a negative view of media and journalism. This

New Australian legislation for Social Media

The Australian government has passed new legislation that will prohibits violent videos on social media. The “sharing of Abhorrent Violent Material” bill creates new offenses for content service providers.

Facebook’s user base is decreasing

Niall McCarthy, a Data journalist and Forbes contributor, recently released an article on Facebook and where it stands today. “Is Facebook Becoming Social Media’s Retirement Home?”, intrigues the readers with

3 tips for your digital marketing and content strategy

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Video has become a pivotal tool in digital marketing and content strategy, it has also changed the advertising world. Advertisers now have to move away from traditional media and

Evolution of Content Marketing

What do the 19th century teach us about content marketing ?

Tip: 9 ways to conclude your stories in style

Whether you are a professional writer or are just starting out, concluding an interesting story can be tough – you need to consider the expectations of your audience,

Why content is so important ?

Digital advertising is disappearing because of ad blockers  in particular. So, marketers have to find new ways to reach their consumers, and content seems to be the best

Facebook entend valoriser le journalisme de proximité

En février, dans une longue lettre sur l’avenir, Mark Zuckerberg souhaitait que les internautes s’impliquent davantage sur le réseau social. C’est désormais chose faite puisque  Faccebook vient de lancer

5 essential content strategies in 2017

Not all content policies are equivalent. 300 American marketers have revealed which ones are the most effective and the most used. Here are the 5 unmissable content strategies in 2017

Victoire du tout petit écran…

D’après une étude internationale opérée par la régie InMobi, 62% des mobinautes pratiquent le multi-écrans lorsqu’ils regardent la télévision. Dans 48% des cas, ceux-ci consultent les médias sociaux, communiquent via

Marathon de Boston: le drame sur les réseaux sociaux

Couvrir les évènements majeurs est à présent un automatisme sur les réseaux sociaux et notamment Twitter. En effet, grâce à son application “Vine”, permettant de poster de courtes vidéos de

Du bon usage de LinkedIn pour les journalistes

A l’heure où twitts et likes semblent diriger le monde, vous faites peut-être partie des journalistes 2.0 présents et actifs sur les réseaux sociaux? Alors si vous possédez un compte

Twitter For Translators – 10 Reasons Why

Twitter as a social media tool for translators?

Here is why:
1. It is the fastest growing networking site in internet history, with over 200 million users
2. Everything

Five Ways Twitter Is Changing Media Law

Why does Twitter get involved in so many interesting lawsuits? In its short life, the company has kicked up legal hornet nests involving everything from stalking to satire.

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