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Twitter For Translators – 10 Reasons Why

Twitter as a social media tool for translators?

Here is why:

1. It is the fastest growing networking site in internet history, with over 200 million users

2. Everything is short and sweet for time pressed professionals, translators and freelancers

3. Great tool to exchange business, translation and industry tips on

4. I have come to know many colleagues this way and it is always a pleasure to meet them in real life after already knowing them on Twitter.

5. It is very interactive and social. This is usually my coffee or lunch break interaction when working from home.

6. The translation community on Twitter is very supportive

7. Great way to do research by asking questions to followers, and establish your expertise by answering questions

8. You can follow as many and as few a you want. It is not necessary to follow back or friend everyone following you. If you want to follow President Obama, you can.

9. Excellent for following conferences and meetings you cannot attend. People who can attend will tweet updates about presentations etc.

10. An atmosphere of helpfulness. People usually do not blatantly promote their business and services, but provide helpful tips and links.

I would love to hear from you if you have any other input on Twitter for translators.


Originally posted by Tess on Swedish Translation Services.

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