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Marathon de Boston: le drame sur les réseaux sociaux

Couvrir les évènements majeurs est à présent un automatisme sur les réseaux sociaux et notamment Twitter. En effet, grâce à son application “Vine”, permettant de poster de courtes vidéos de

Twitter For Translators – 10 Reasons Why

Twitter as a social media tool for translators?

Here is why:
1. It is the fastest growing networking site in internet history, with over 200 million users
2. Everything

Press Pass, to search for journalists on Twitter

Tool of the week: Press Pass
What is it? A new tool to allow you to search for journalists on Twitter
How is it of use to journalists? Press Pass

Five Ways Twitter Is Changing Media Law

Why does Twitter get involved in so many interesting lawsuits? In its short life, the company has kicked up legal hornet nests involving everything from stalking to satire.

try SocialBro for real-time Twitter analytics

SocialBro has rolled out a new feature which could be useful for journalists and social media managers.
“Wouldn’t it be great to be able to see which of your Twitter

90 people to follow

The Inforrm (International Forum for Responsible Media) Blog has post a list of “useful media law tweeters” who can be followed by everyone interested in legal topic concerning journalism.

Navigating News Online

“Whatever the future of journalism, much of it depends on understanding the ways that people navigate the digital news environment—the behavior of what might be called the new news consumer.

Best time to tweet

When to tweet is a tool that allows you to work out the best time to tweet. Automated tweets or those reporting breaking news cannot be timed. But when is