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try SocialBro for real-time Twitter analytics

SocialBro has rolled out a new feature which could be useful for journalists and social media managers.

“Wouldn’t it be great to be able to see which of your Twitter followers are around right now so you know who’s likely to read your next tweet? Twitter analytics startup SocialBro has just rolled out an update that lets you do just that.

SocialBro is a free app available for Google Chrome and Adobe Air that allows you to get a broad overview of your Twitter community. We’ve written about it a number of times in the past (most recently when it integratedPeerIndex scores) and it’s truly a useful tool. With the new real-time feature, you can see which of your followers are active, the number of active users per second, the languages your followers are tweeting in and the apps and clients that they’re tweeting from.

It’s not just your followers either, you can monitor a particular Twitter list or a search term – meaning that you could see a bit more about the people tweeting about a certain topic right now.”

So, how does it work?…Read more here

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