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Tumblr, the fan’s best friend

maze runner

Hardcore fans want to know everything about their favorite movie. They religiously read every anecdote about the shooting, every gossip about the actors, and every piece of information about the story. Tumblr is a great tool to satisfy this consuming curiosity: this blogging platform allows users to subscribe to a given movie’s official tumblr blog, to receive notifications when a new post is published, and to share these articles easily.

This is why movie studios increasingly use the platform to organize their new productions’ communication campaign and to satisfy the fans, especially in the last few days before a movie release, when the aficionados’ impatience reaches its climax.

Tumblr’s proud owner, Yahoo, often mandates AllTheContent to translate the posts published on these official Tumblrs. For “Maze Runner” – one of the decade’s most popular teenage movie sagas – our agency had to translate five articles in four languages (Spanish, Mexican Spanish, French, Brazilian Portuguese). Then those articles were published on the movie’s official tumblrs in Spain, Mexico, France and Brazil. Check out a sample of our translations below:

Brazilian portugese
Mexican Spanish 

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