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The new adventures of Peter Pan!

pan film@Yahoo

Translating articles for Yahoo tumblrs

We all know the story of Peter Pan, the young boy chased by Blackbeard, the dreadful pirate leader! For the theatrical release of Warner Bros’ “Pan” (October 2015), Yahoo assigned AllTheContent the translation of various articles to be published on the film’s official tumblrs. The mission was to translate three articles in four languages (French, Italian, Spanish, German).

These texts had various degrees of emergency. Two of them had to be translated in 24 hours, and the last one in 48 hours. Our team of translators had to work quickly.

Finally, all the articles were translated and published in time on the official tumblrs of the film.

Feeling childhood nostalgic? Check this sample of our translations and have a nice trip in Neverland!


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