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So many scoops for bluewin!

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And here is our latest batch of news articles for bluewin! We provided this very popular Swiss web portal with celebrities and glamour, science and trends buzzing on the web. Check out a sample of our productions:

  •  The Swiss actor Jean-Luc Bideau, well known in Switzerland but also in France, played a priest in a new TV show on Arte, “Ainsi soient-ils”. A notable comeback after the TV shows “H”, in which he was playing the Professor Strauss.
  • In parallel to the Miss Switzerland competition, a Miss and a Mister are elected for the French-speaking Switzerland. This year, the show has been more than a competition for the two winners, Catarina Lopes and Pedro Mendes.
  • Professor George Church’s team (Harvard Medical School – Boston) discovered a new process to transplant nonhuman animals organs taken from pigs in patients. This process, known as xenotransplantation, seems to be possible now but raises ethical interrogations about genetic modifications.
  • Scientists discovered how various fish species can renew their teeth. In the next ten years, they hope to apply that discovery to human, enabling human to renew their own teeth.
  • Winter is coming and magazines are proposing various detox programs to take care of us. Dieticians are warning public about these cures and their composition.


Photos: AllTheContent / Glamy / Fotolia, dream79 / Fotolia, James Graham, Arte

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