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Lazy on friday morning?

Drink your coffee reading the newspaper, an usual activity that can be simple and boring or just… brilliant!

The Page Turner is the last crazy installation of Joseph Herscher,

5 Questions To Ask About Every Article Idea

How do you know whether your brilliant idea will strike a chord and get you the assignment or land your neatly crafted query in the slush pile? Use

Why Community Is as Critical as Content

Fred Wilson wrote earlier this year, “Modern community building isn’t easy, but if there is one thing the Internet has taught me over the past 15 years, large engaged communities

Capturing and Sharing Content

Here are three companies who have created fresh digital takes on collecting and sharing different types of content.

SnipSnap turns paper coupons into digital coupons with an app that

Gamify your work!

“Think gamification is amateur and doesn’t belong in the workplace? You might be surprised to find some recent reports and analysts will disagree.”
At ATCNA, gamification is part of our

Dubbing or subtitling?

“There is an ongoing argument around TV and Film fan forums and social groups about whether TV content and Films should be dubbed or subtitled. Lots of people are complaining

12 Things Newspapers Should Do to Survive

Here is an article from Mashable written in 2009 but still relevant! There are a lot of great points developped here which are worth for ATCNA, improving day after day

The Offensive Translator

In this video, Catherine Tate, a well-known British Comedian, claims to be able to translate into seven different languages.
Companies that hire amateurs to translate or interpret will run

Choosing the Good Content Strategy

Something interesting happened to journalism when it moved from print and broadcast to the web. Aspects of the process that we barely thought about started to be questioned: the “story”

Where do good ideas come from?

Check this video in which an amazing artiste illustrates the main points of “Where Good Ideas Come From: The Natural History of Innovation” by Steven Johnson. Johnson shows us that

Why So Many Media Companies Stumble Globally

Here is an article from advertising age pretty interesting about the importance of being local and specialized even more when you want to be global. A topic that’s worth a

Scott Adkins on Freelancing

Scott Adkins, director of Brooklyn Writers Space, talks about the skills freelancers need to develop. Some nice tips in this video!