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Terminator and AllTheContent

The new Terminator movie, “Terminator Genysis” features the top Hollywood actors of the moment, including Emilia Clarke – Game of Thrones’ Khaleesi – or Oscar winner J.K Simmons. But let’s

The new hotspots on bluewin!

Photo: AllTheContent / Jean Pimentel / FTV
And here is our new batch of exclusive articles for the Swiss web portal, including amazing scientific stories and great interviews.
In an

A Festival of Music Interviews on Bluewin

Nyon might be a small Swiss city, discreetly lying on the shores of Lake Geneva, it nonetheless hosts one of the main European music festivals, “Paléo”, where the best

Tom Cruise and the deadly stunts

© Yahoo / Paramount
In a prior post, we already mentioned an amazing content, localized by ATC, about Tom Cruise’s acrobatics in “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation”, released this week.

AllTheContent and Yahoo keeping bugs out!

This summer, Yahoo assigned AllTheContent a huge mission: creating numerous entertaining and informative contents, in four languages, as part of a global online promotion campaign for a famous pesticide

Science and great women on bluewin!

This month, AllTheContent produced many articles highlighting scientific breakthroughs and “superachiever” women. Check them out!

The latest news are on bluewin

This month again, AllTheContent News Agency provided with a lot of fascinating news and scoops about personalities, nature, science, and culture. Here are some of them:


New scoops waiting for you!


AllTheContent / Corinne Touzet
Over the last few weeks, AllTheContent has been providing our partner bluewin with a bunch of scoops, with news, groundbreaking scientific discoveries and lifestyle

So many scoops for bluewin!

Raphaël © AllTheContent
This month, as usual, AllTheContent provided with an explosive cocktail of scoops, breaking news and funny or touching stories. Check out a sample of them below:

Tom Cruise’s daredevil stunt

© Skydance Productions / Bad Robot / TC Productions / Paramount Pictures
During the shooting of his upcoming new film, “Mission: Impossible – Rogue Nation”, Tom Cruise performed himself

Glamour, fun, culture and science on bluewin

These past few days, AllTheContent has been present on all fronts of current events for our partner bluewin, providing the web portal with a cocktail of glamour, fun, culture and

SpongeBob localized in six languages!

© Nickelodeon / Paramount
SpongeBob is stronger than ever, in all senses of the phrase! Literally: in a new animated film, “SpongeBob out of water”, the famous character becomes

Our top three on bluewin

This week again, ATCNA provided with many articles on a wide array of topics: news, people, lifestyle… Some of them were real hits viewed and shared by many users

Journalism, a career with a future

Socially, journalism contains all the elements to become a career of the future. To do so, it must be perceived as such by current professionals, whose main mission ought to be becoming indispensable to the citizen-readers who shaped them into a profession in the first place.

Rihanna and ATCNA

(© Home: Dreamworks – Twentieth Century Fox)
Do you want to learn the tricks to take the perfect selfie? Rihanna knows them all! To promote an upcoming Dreamworks animation