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bluewin hotspotsHere are some news AllTheContent provided for bluewin this month :

John Marzluff, a scientist working at the University of Washington, discovered a new explanation about the ravens’ funeral ritual. Ravens are one of the most intelligent birds’ species and are constantly surprising researchers.

Sparrows living in big cities have been disappearing for decades. In a study published early October, the French research centre CNRS puts forward a new explanation, which may be the key to this mystery.

A pig changed the course of France’s history! This is the astonishing – but very well-argued – revelation of French historian Michel Pastoureau in his last book, “Le Roi tué par un cochon”. In the twelfth century, a piggy caused an accident, which killed the heir to the throne and had very long-lasting consequences…

Christophe Beaugrand is the new host of French reality TV show “Secret Story”. This interview paints the portrait of a nice workaholic, who supports charitable groups, and has secrets of his own, just like his show’s candidates…

Many people suffer from insomnia. Here are some tips and proven remedies, which will make you sleep peacefully.




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