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Our top three on bluewin

This week again, ATCNA provided with many articles on a wide array of topics: news, people, lifestyle… Some of them were real hits viewed and shared by many users

Journalism, a career with a future

Socially, journalism contains all the elements to become a career of the future. To do so, it must be perceived as such by current professionals, whose main mission ought to be becoming indispensable to the citizen-readers who shaped them into a profession in the first place.

Rihanna and ATCNA

(© Home: Dreamworks – Twentieth Century Fox)
Do you want to learn the tricks to take the perfect selfie? Rihanna knows them all! To promote an upcoming Dreamworks animation

New batch of articles for bluewin!

(Palazzo di Amore, © Coldwell Banker Previews)
And here is our latest batch of news articles for bluewin! This week, we provided this very popular Swiss web portal with

Meteo 2.0: All Producers, All Consumers

Clearly, the future of weather forecasting will also shift to 2.0, in so far as its main content contributors will also become forecast consumers.

“Mom, Dad… Are we there yet?”

Still relatively unused in the industry, ICE covers all the services which will be on offer in future cars, to keep pace with the evolution of technology and continue extending their scope of added value.

ATCNA and the TV stars

Since last summer, ATCNA has been in charge of a new weekly column for bluewin, one of the most popular news websites in Switzerland. Each week, we interview a

X-Men: ATCNA goes behind-the-scenes

As “X-Men Days of Future Past” – the famous superheroes blockbuster – is released on VOD and DVD, the agency localized a big promotion campaign in up to 7 languages!

AllTheContent partners with Yahoo and Beats!

Yahoo! recently partnered with AllTheContent to localize a big advertising campaign for Beats – the famous headphones brand. The ad campaign was football themed and took place during the World

Yahoo! talks about its partnership with ATCNA

Yahoo recently entrusted ATCNA to produce a whole series of 90 short articles about the World Cup’s history. The contents were part of a big advertising campaign prior to the

Une vidéo localisée pour Yahoo (mai 2014)

Localiser un contenu, c’est l’adapter à une langue et à un contexte local.
Voici un exemple de vidéo localisée pour le compte de Yahoo. On y voit Hugh Jackman en

Quelques écrits rédigés pour Bluewin (Octobre 2013)

Ci-dessous, les thèmes qui ont retenu l’attention d’ATCNA cette semaine:

“Eyjafjallajökull”: une comédie au panache volcanique
Les autruches, de drôles d’herbivores dans le Jura
InterroGE ou la réponse à

Happy 300th story Bluewin!

En ce début octobre, ATCNA fête sa 300ème story conçue pour Bluewin.
Let’s celebrate!
Voici les sujets abordés cette semaine en français et en italien:

“Blue Jasmine”: le dernier

Bluewin: nuage d’articles (Septembre 2013)

Ci-dessous, les liens vers nos dernières rédactions en français et en italien pour Bluewin:

Eventail d’écrits conçus pour Bluewin (Septembre 2013)

Nous fournissons pour Bluewin, le portail du leader suisse des télécommunications: Swisscom; un flux d’une vingtaine d’articles de façon hebdomadaire.
Ci-dessous, les liens vers nos dernières productions rédigées en français