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Science and people on bluewin!

Samuel Le Bihan (Alex Hugo)

Photo: AllTheContent / Lefebvre François / FTV

And here is our exclusive articles for bluewin, including amazing scientific stories and great interviews.

Famous actor, producer and father, Samuel Le Bihan talks about his impressions and experiences about his professional and private life. He gives us some scoops about his projects on cinema and television, and talks about Earthwake, his environmental association.

Geologist Dr Alexander Koltypin, a Russian academic, has claimed that ancient civilization drove giant vehicles across Earth 14 millions years ago. He bases his discover on vehicle tracks founded by archaeologists in the Phrygian Valley of central Turkey.

For four years, Virginie Brawand, speaker, journalist, and mother is presenting the TV show “Passe-moi les jumelles”. She unveils us the backstage of this well-known program.

Some activity tracker users will be disappointed. The University of Iowa found that many activity trackers are not completely reliable and overestimate 15% of various types of activities!

Declassified documents belonging to the NASA have been published on the Internet, creating the buzz. Photography and audio recordings taken by Armstrong and Aldrin during their lunar expedition seems to show vehicles tracks and human constructions on the lunar ground. Between hoax and conspiracy theory, Internet users are already getting excited!

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