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12 Things Newspapers Should Do to Survive

Here is an article from Mashable written in 2009 but still relevant! There are a lot of great points developped here which are worth for ATCNA, improving day after day to offer the best for our community!…

“Some people have even come to the conclusion that journalism itself is dying, yet in reality, journalism is expanding with social media platforms and technology allowing the former audience and sources to become the reporters themselves. Instead of dwelling on the doom and gloom, this post is an attempt at gathering voices in the journalism industry and on the web to give some thought as to what newspapers should be considering in order to survive and evolve with today’s technology-driven.

1. Putting web first and reporting from multiple platforms
2. Go niche
3. Offer unique content in print
4. Journalists as curators and contextualizers
5. Real-time reporting integration
6. Internal culture: Startup vs. corporate
7. Encourage innovation
8. Charging for quotes is not the answer
9. Investing in mobile: E-Readers or smartphones?
10. Communicating with readers
11. Building community
12. To pay wall or not to pay wall – that is the question

This list is not a comprehensive one, but these are some of the things that newspaper leaders should be considering. And though print itself may not survive, the organizations behind them provide value to a democratic society, often covering and providing news that blogs with more limited resources can’t always dig up. We welcome comments below with other suggestions of things you think newspaper leaders should try or invest in…”

Click here for full article by Vadim Lavrusik on Mashable.

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