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Here are the latest news before Christmas time!


  • Scientists discovered why animals and birds have a good sense of direction. It could be created by a couple of proteins placed in their eyes, working like an inner compass.
  • In Italy, archaeologists have founded human remains. Apparently they belonged to teen girls that have been blamed to be witches and burned alive.
  • In an age of dating sites, psychologists reveal that the best way to find love remains coincidence and chance and not algorithms.
  • Maybe you have been touched by this story related by the Huffington Post. A couple, suffering the recent loss of a child, received a special gift for their wedding.
  • An American society, SkyTran, designed a new prototype of flying vehicle in collaboration with the Nasa. This new means of transportation based on magnetic levitation will be tested in Tel Aviv by the end of 2015.




Picture: AllTheContent / BrandyAngel Photography / SkyTran / Wyatt Fisher Flickr CC

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