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First news from bluewin in 2016


For a good start to 2016, we propose all the bluewin recent hits.

We hope you had a wonderful Christmas time and we are happy to see you here!

  • On December 11, the Anonymous have launched a trolling operation against Daesh. The aim was to use humour against the terrorist organisation, and took place on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube, with pictures, videos, comments, and various gags.
  • Designed by the Dutch designer Daan Roosegaarde in collaboration with Delft and the European company Nano Solutions, the Smog free tower seems to be a good solution to resolve the problem of air pollution. This metallic tower (7 meters) is working like a giant vacuum cleaner, cleaning 30’000 cubic meters per hour.
  • A scientist, Vladimir Romanovsky, explained that the mystery of Bermuda Triangle could be due to the presence of gas concentration. This hypothesis is joining the other scientist’s explanations.
  • Embalmed hearts have been found in a Jacobin Convent in Rennes (France) by French archaeologists. Taken on corpses, those hearts enable scientists to study diseases of the XVII century.
  • During 2015, tourists that took photographic evidence have seen Nessie the Loch Ness monster. After various and numerous researches, the mystery remains complete and the creature still fascinate tourists that are going to Iverness, hoping to see Nessie.
  • The Swiss publishing company Paulette is doing its comeback. In Lausanne, a city located in the French-speaking part of Switzerland, Paulette is proposing to the public short stories called “pives”, highlighting young Swiss authors.


Picture: AllTheContent / Editions Paulette / GhostSec / Studio Roosegaarde / Wiki commons / Domaine public / RozennColleter

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