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Ten things every journalist should know in 2012

Here are 10 things every journalists should know in 2012, a list proposed by

Learn from Leveson.

Curate and share.

Invite others in.

Know your

Why Don’t Young People Read the News?

“With each passing year, young people grow less interested in the news, regardless of how it’s delivered. Why don’t young people follow the news more closely? To hear some

7 Language Translation Apps for the Digital Traveler

Language apps on the iPhone have come a long way over the past year. Some offer shiny new takes on the traditional language study process; others are trying to do

90 people to follow

The Inforrm (International Forum for Responsible Media) Blog has post a list of “useful media law tweeters” who can be followed by everyone interested in legal topic concerning journalism.

How People Learn About Their Local Community

Here is an analysis offered by pretty interesting about how people learn about their local community.
“Contrary to much of the conventional understanding of how people learn about their

In Your Hands, Just What You Want to Read

“Personalized-reading apps save you from pawing through the Web for news and bring you more of what you want to read. Until now, these have been mostly found on tablets

Online communities need leadership

“Here’s some basic advice that you can copy and paste to encourage insightful, engaging and rewarding writing from readers of your site:
Write what you knowDon’t tell us if something’s

Navigating News Online

“Whatever the future of journalism, much of it depends on understanding the ways that people navigate the digital news environment—the behavior of what might be called the new news consumer.

Starting out in music journalism

Liking to get into music journalism?
Read this helpful post by the journalist Laurence Green who reveals some tips on getting experience,  networking, and on establishing a Twitter presence.

How to manage reader comments

Readers are no longer passive consumers. They expect to comment, to that you express in your articles. Major news publishers all accept user-generated content on their sites – which

Good mobile news Apps

We’re all being told that mobile is the next big thing for news, but what does it mean to have a good mobile news application?
Just as an online news

Occupy my TV: The birth of the citizen video reporter

A police officer calmly walking down a line of sitting protesters, sweeping them with pepper spray:Footage of last Friday’s police actions against peaceful protesters at UC Davis become the most

Real-Time Data: good or bad for the news business?

Newspapers and magazines used to publish content into a kind of void: they knew how many people subscribed, but that was about it — everything else was guesswork based on

Best time to tweet

When to tweet is a tool that allows you to work out the best time to tweet. Automated tweets or those reporting breaking news cannot be timed. But when is

Digital Kiosk

With this wintry cold, going out can seem unappetizing. Here is a new way to stay in the bed Sunday morning with your favorite newspapers!