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Member of the month | October 13

Thomas Zeller
Bern, Switzerland

Since 2009, Swiss-based freelancer Thomas Zeller has been working as a translator and proofreader for various clients around the world. He has a Master

Member of the month | September 13

Sarah Zeines
Geneva, Switzerland
Sarah was born in New York into a Brazilian-American family before moving to Switzerland more than 15 years ago. Journalist from a very young age,

Member of the month | August 13

Svenja Huckle
Hamburg, Germany
Svenja is a freelance conference interpreter and translator working with German, English, French and Spanish. She graduated from the Saarland University in 2012. Her focus

Member of the month | July 13

Judith Monfrini
Geneva, Switzerland
Judith is a freelance journalist. She has been working for various radio stations in Geneva area since 2006. She also caries out news reports about local

Member of the month | June 13

Pascale Valy
Miami, United States
On leaving France in May 2009 to move to Miami in Florida, Pascale Valy radically changed her life. It represented a real challenge

Member of the month | April 13

Alexandra Douros
Paris, France
After a first experience in the world of communication and PR, Alexandra’s passion for medias coupled with her interest to inform and communicate, naturally brought her

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