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10 Ways to Be More Productive When Using Your Laptop

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macbook pro 10 Ways to Be More Productive When Using Your Laptop

The following are 10 ways to be more productive when using your laptop in an ergonomic way. With just a few simple changes you could be getting more done and not feeling so lousy in the process.

1 ) Adjust your lighting – You want the room to be moderately bright. If it’s too bright then you might have a glare on the screen and it it’s too dark then you’ll be straining to see what you’re trying to read.

2 ) Forgo the wrist rest when typing – A wrist rest is fine when you’re actually resting. When you’re typing though, your wrist should not be placed on it.

3 ) Adjust your monitor – According to Tamara James of Duke Occupational and Environmental Safety’s ergonomics division’s video “Ergonomics important when using laptops”, the top of the screen should be eye level. If it’s lower then you might end up with a literal pain in your neck that has nothing to do with your Calculus class.

4 ) Use a mouse – You might be adept at using the pad on the computer but I’m not. A separate mouse could help you work faster and can definitely be good for your wrist. Just don’t keep your wrist on the table or desk when working. Your forearm should be able to move so that you don’t strain it.

5 ) Give yourself support – You should be able to have our back and shoulders supported if possible. That might mean placing something solid behind your back.

6 ) Move around – Getting up and taking a break is good for more reasons than one. Sitting still for too long is never a good idea but moving around can also help if you’re losing your concentration. A trip for a snack or a beverage or even to just walk around the room can get you back on track and help you stretch your muscles.

7 ) Use arm rests – Not all dorm chairs have arm rests. Sometimes, you don’t even use a desk but resign yourself to a spot on the bed. Try to use arm rests when you can, though. This might mean creating your own out of pillows so that you have the occasional place to rest them.

8 ) Put the monitor away – Place your computer as far away as possible, while still being able to reach it without it being uncomfortable. Ideally, a separate keyboard should be used.

9 ) Turn on the light – If your roommate is trying to sleep then it might be time for you to hang it up for the night, too. Don’t try to work in the dark. A headache won’t make you more productive.

10 ) Use a stool – Prop your feet up on a stool if they don’t touch the ground. You not only need the support for your lower back but if your legs and feet fall asleep you’re not going to get much accomplished anyway.

The better you feel, the more you’ll be able to do. Don’t try to tempt your physical health even when an important assignment is on the line. In searching for back pain treatment  use the previous suggestions, and I think you will find it will make a big difference.

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