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5 trends in Emerging Technologies

Gartner published their annual report on emerging technologies. The report highlights the different classes of disruptive technologies and evaluates the potential impact. For 2018, they classified the market trends within five categories, these categories include 17 technologies and can be seen in the chart below:


Gartner also provided a timeline for the hype cycle and, according to their study, it may take more than 10 years before some of the indicated technologies to be completed and reach maturity.


These disruptive technologies will impact the current business socio-environment from a personal and professional standpoint. According to Mike Walker, research vice president at Gartner:

“As a technology leader, you will continue to be faced with rapidly accelerating technology innovations that will profoundly impact the way you deal with your workforce, customers and partners. The trends exposed by these emerging technologies are poised to be the next most impactful technologies that have the potential to disrupt your business, and must be actively monitored by your executive teams.”

The full report can be found on

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