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7 Ways Journalists Can Use Pinterest

Virtual pinboard Pinterest helps journalists find trend stories, display their work and more. The social networking site has more than four million users, landing it a spot on a list of most visited social media sites of 2011. Perfect for showing off your favorite finds as you troll the web, users “pin” images to themed boards for visually-appealing displays. Don’t be put off by its “invite-only” status. Even if you don’t have a friend who can pass along instant access, simply request an invite from the site and you’ll receive it in a few days.

Once you’re signed up, check out these seven ways journalists can tap into the growing site’s potential:


  1. Feature your top stories.
  2. Mobile-pin pics.
  3. Find ideas for trend stories.
  4. Find pictures suitable for online stories.
  5. Photojournalism portfolio.
  6. Use it as an online storyboard.
  7. Curate the news.




Read full article by Margaret Looney at International Journalists’ Network here

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