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Using Storify to report

Storify has really only been around about a year, but already the Web app for curating content has found a loyal following.

Using Storify requires more than just grabbing content and pasting it into a blog post. It allows for true editing, critical thinking and even content creation. If used properly, a story can be developed and told, using various forms of multimedia and on-scene content, with the sources fully aware of their inclusion in your reporting.

When discussing the use of citizen journalist content, verification, validity and accuracy often crop up as potential concerns. By using Storify, it’s possible to cite content from others who are part of or at the spot of the actual event while adding further reporting, clarifications and context from your end.

For a quick overview on using Storify, check out the video below:

If you want to know more, click here to have a nice collection of suggestions and tips for creating and populating a report in Storify.

Original post by Craig Newman

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