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A New Way to Search the Web


Web start-up Trapit, which launched yesterday, uses the same artificial intelligence technology behind Apple’s Siri to help users discover relevant content on the web. Users type in a keyword, phrase or URL and Trapit will find news articles, blog posts and pages that may be related. Trapit is more focused on discovery: locating content that is interesting and relevant, rather than answering a particular question.


If Trapit can crack the discovery and personalisation nut, they have a bright future ahead of them. Indeed, they have broader ambitions, according to the New York Times:

Trapit is starting on the Web, but the founders said they plan to introduce iPad and iPhone apps next year, as well as share their technology with outside software developers to use to search private corporate Web sites or specific media sites, for example. Trapit plans to eventually make money by licensing this technology and showing ads that are relevant to search queries.

“The Trapit team is focused on personalization. The result is a platform and technology that creates personalized content streams based on keywords, interests, and user behavior.” Ben Parr, MASHABLE

“…services such as Trapit, for example, are filters that emulate a more natural discovery process, throwing up stuff that traditional algorithms might not.” Rhodri Marsden, THE INDEPENDENT

You don’t need to read everything or watch everything anymore.  Don’t worry. Just let the information come. So, would you use Trapit?


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