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A zillion topics for Bluewin

edd1190c-3f14-47a0-a41d-5d49e8411092Aristocracy, ecology, art or astronomy… This week again, ATCNA’s pool of writers tackled a zillion topics for bluewin, the famous Swiss portal. Discover our top 5:

– In this new interview, Stéphane Bern, the famous royal families expert talks about Monaco’s royal twins.

– The Massaï lands are endangered. Discover their cry for help.

Scoop! 124 years after his death, new evidence is showing that Vincent Van Gogh may have been killed. His “suicide” may well be a scam.

– He is only 20 but he may hold the key to clean our polluted oceans. Discover Boyan Slat’s great invention.

– It is now scientifically proven: the full moon influences our mood!

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