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ATCNA interviews a great astronaut!

DSC_0921Last Friday, two ATCNA members could spend a whole day on the Payerne military airbase, in Switzerland, to interview a memorable figure. This outstanding character is Marie-Françoise Le Cornec, a.k.a “Marie-Mirage” for her friends.

This lady is a fighter pilot at the respectable age of 76! On that day, she was even celebrating her 50th flight on a Mirage III, the famous supersonic aircraft.

“This plane is great, nice, but demanding. You really have to pilot it. It’s not like these newest generation machines where everything onboard is electronic and where you don’t have anything to do!” she tells us, just before taking off. (A real purist!)

She’s about to fly even higher. Next year, “Marie-Mirage” will become an astronaut! She is indeed one of the first civilians who will fly onboard the Lynx, a private spaceship for civilians. Needless to say, she passed all the necessary physical and medical exams as if they were a walk in the park!

Discover her whole story in our report here!

P.S: on this picture, our camerawoman, herself an apprentice pilote, is learning a lot!

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