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Banjo, for finding the location of breaking news

What is it? A location-based social networking app. The app shows you a map of where Facebook and Twitter users are located.

How is it of use to journalists? The 10,000 Words blog flagged this app up as one that is useful for journalists.

The 10,000 Words blog explains how Andy Stettler from the Lansdale Reporter used Banjo to find out the scene of a breaking news story:

Stettler noticed a bunch of people had checked in at the mall. He was able to tweet questions to some of them and quickly connected with a man on site who clarified that the entire mall was not being evacuated. Stettler got this fact first through social media — before the police or mall officials would even return a reporter’s call. His paper was able to provide crucial information — that only part of the mall was being evacuated — before their competitors were.

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