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Essentials of Expanding your Networks

Networking is essentially a numbers game. If you want to be successful, you have to keep yourself pushing out there, pressing the flesh, and showing off your skills digitally and personally. To network with others is one of the main secrets of virtual assistants, no matter how good you are.

Simply put, networking is building relationships with others. In the world of Virtual Assistants, networking is building relationships with those who might possibly be connected with your business–either as a potential client, a potential vendor, or a colleague. This is a long term strategy to keep in mind. Naturally, there are exceptions to every rule, but when betting on winners, the race almost always goes to the person with the better portfolio, as well as those with the wider business and personal networks to make a little noise on occasions.

So assuming you don’t have the expertise in marketing or on a budget, how do you go about getting noticed, especially when you’ve got a slew of potential competitors in your field? Well, there are a couple of things you can do right off the bat that will get you noticed. Some people feel a bit bashful about doing this, as though they were airing their dirty laundry to other people or something.


So here’s some important ways to expand your network on the virtual assistant field:

Join groups    It is also critically important to build relationships with your fellow virtual assistants. A community of networked professionals engaged in the same field and like-minded people not only provides a much needed sense of camaraderie, but also they know where the jobs are. There are, in fact, numerous dedicated  places and giving them a more stimulating “office like” environment.

Do pay attention to your appearance. As we work virtually, our online presence is very important. In today’s social media era, make sure your social media accounts are professional. Clean up your social media accounts and always convey a professional image. Remove anything that others might consider risqué or offensive.

Don’t forget to Listen. Always be attentive and listen to those people on what they say. Ask questions and provide feedback to the conversation.

Don’t be too shy. Speak out and reach for important people around you. In today’s social setting, be the first one to reach out and introduce yourself professionally to make a good conversation.

Don’t be a hit and run communicator. Make a commitment to communicate with the people in your network regularly. It only takes a little of your time to reach out with them through several social media avenues.

Be nice and helpful. People are attracted to those who are genuinely nice and helpful. Don’t just go on and on about yourself. If you know of something that would be of interest to your new contact, share it. If you can introduce them to someone who can help them out in their business in a way that you cannot, do it. Good deeds build goodwill.

To sum up, get out there, press the flesh, promote yourself and your work, and get out and work in and through you network of virtual assistant peers; it’ll put you out there in the action and get your name and work out in the marketplace.

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