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So far, the focus has been on everything you have to consider to get the work, but once you have an assignment, and the translation is in progress how can you make sure that it is completed professionally? Here is a list of points to cover before you send a translation assignment to a client:


Terminology: Always research terms in the context of the document you are translating, remember that there are terms that are used in various industries and professions with different meanings.

Editing: Check the translation against the original sentence by sentence. Is the meaning reflected accurately?

Vocalization: Print out a copy of the translation and read it aloud to make sure that it reads well and sounds natural.

Consistency: Is the format of the layout consistent with the original? Make sure that all aspects of the document have been recreated appropriately.

Spell check: Absolutely, positively you MUST spell check your work.

Statistics, Measurements and Currencies: Ensure that all numerical equivalents are translated according to the language.

Delivery: Prepare to deliver your assignment at least 1 day BEFORE the deadline to ensure that you have sufficient time in case of a last minute problem.

Confirmation: Always request a confirmation of receipt from your client.

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