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Interview of our member, Samuel Bartholin

Discover our Member, Samuel Bartholin!

– Could you tell us a little bit more about your personality or passions?

Since I was a kid, I have been reading a lot, curious about everything, history, culture, politics… I like as well to travel, go and discover new places and people. Even if I can’t afford it as often as I’d like to !


– Tell us more about your background!

After studying philosophy at university in Rennes (France), I turned myself toward journalism, feeling attracted by the diversity it was offering as an activity. Then I moved during ten years to South-East Asia, mainly Cambodia and Vietnam, where I worked as a reporter, as well as an author, a book publisher and a production assistant for cinema and TV. I came back to Paris at the end of 2015, missing life in France.


How long have you been a member of AllTheContent News Agency? Where did AllTheContent place your production?

I worked for 3 months with AllTheContentNewsAgency, interviewing french celebrities for TV section on Bluewin website.


What do you enjoy the most working with ATC? What will you say to convince other talents to join our network?

I really like what I’m doing for ATC, praticing interviews, and as an agency, ATC seems to be very dynamic, with a lot of flexibility and different opportunities to publish some interesting content.

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