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Member of the month | April 2015

Caroline MeiraDiscover our newest member of the month, Carolina Meira!

– Carolina, can you tell us more about yourself? 

Communication is my passion. My work combines my love of language with a strong desire to delve deep into different subjects and cultures. I am a freelance English into Brazilian Portuguese translator, interpreter, proofreader, and voice-over talent based in Florianópolis, Brazil. I have 10 years of experience combining freelance and in-house work. I worked as a Localization Manager in a software company for 5 years and before that, as an in-house translator at a translation agency for nearly a year.

I majored in English, Literature, and Translation Studies. My minor was Film and Cultural Studies. I am currently learning Spanish, French, and Italian, and I’m really looking forward to working with these languages too.

I lived and studied in the US for some time, which gave me the great opportunity to be fully immersed in the language and culture, visit different places, and make a lot of friends.

Besides my work, books, movies and TV series, music, and my beloved ones are also a very important part of my life.

– How long have you been a member of AllTheContent News Agency? Where did AllTheContent place your production?

I have been a member of AllTheContent News Agency since November 2014, and my translations have been published on the Yahoo! websites.

 – What would you say, in a sentence, to convince other journalists and talents to join our network?

AllTheContent is a really friendly and professional company. Working with them, as well as working on the assignments they send me, is a real pleasure. I hope our collaboration will be long lasting!


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