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Member of the month | August 2015

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Discover our new member of the month, Thomas Schürch!

– For how long have you been a member of AllTheContent News Agency? Where, specifically, is your work placed?

I clearly remember my ‘first time’ with the agency. It was winter 2014, perishing cold. A tricky subject, the portrait of a man fighting for his daughter’s killer to be found. An article for the website. Since then I’ve been a free-lance journalist, jack-of-all-trades, into current affairs, beleaguering artists, tracking down former Miss Switzerlands, and so forth.

– Thomas, could you tell us a bit more about yourself, your educational background and your career so far?

Not a usual background… Degree in Literature from Lausanne, school of journalism in France. Then 5 years in Paris as editor and reporter in different sectors of the media. Now here I am, back in Switzerland. Finally.

– What would you say, in a sentence, to convince other journalists and talents to join our network?

Freedom. Freedom to get things done, to have ideas, to do your job properly.

– Can you tell us about your impression of working with ATCNA?

ATCNA leaves you with mixed feelings, things develop. At the beginning, you are lost. A huge anthill, a network, a platform where you can suggest topics. Cold and machine driven. And then you start to find out what there is behind all this. People, friendly smiles, little words of encouragement. A wildly enthusiastic chef telling you about the finer nuances of his latest musical discoveries, a ‘Head of Content’ whom you knew years ago in Paris and you meet again in Geneva… Not to mention, of course, the project manager, a woman who is ever-attentive, always at hand… She is there day and night!


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