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Discover our Member of the week, Camille Agat!

– Could you tell us a little bit more about your personality or passions?

I like to think I once was Squaw in a former life and kinda always wished I was a cheerleader. Well we could say my personality is a mix of deep nature roots and glitter in my mind! My passion is every kind of creative production, from youtube video till museum art collection, and everything has the power to enchant me! And as long as I have my knitting needle with me, I’m fine!

– Tell us more about your background!

I’m a genevese born and bred! I made my design studies here and founded my graphic design company while I was finishing my master degree. Recently, graphic design wasn’t enough fun for me… I opened a design shop, with a friend of mine. A new fresh and fun adventure since a few month.

– How long have you been a member of AllTheContent News Agency? Where did AllTheContent place your production?

I have been making the lay out of “Ouverture sur Plan-les-Ouates”, a communal magazine, since 2013.

– What do you enjoy the most working with ATC? What will you say to convince other talents to join our network?

As a designer, I love meeting new people! ATC is a real network, matching skills and personalities, which I think is great!

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