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Discover our Member of the week, Aline Araujo!

– Could you tell us a little bit more about your personality or passions?

I am very curious, so no wonder detective novels have always fascinated me. I also enjoy dance, specially classical ballet which I do as a hobby as well. Asides from dancing, I am fascinated with Japanese pop culture, so I consume their comics, animation, and games in an intense rate.


– Tell us more about your background!

I was born and raised in Curitiba, in the South of Brazil, where I still live and also where I obtained my Business Administration Bachelor’s Degree. However, I have always been interested in translation, so in 2011 I started working in the area, and by 2012 I was a full-time professional translator.


– How long have you been a member of AllTheContent News Agency? Where did AllTheContent place your production?

I have been working with ATC since late 2014, translating articles from English to Brazilian Portuguese. The articles and videos I have translated were published in partners portals of ATC, specially ones focused on Cinema.


– What do you enjoy the most working with ATC? What will you say to convince other talents to join our network?

The projects I work on with ATC are very interesting and fun to translate. I had the chance to work on a series for the Olympics that made me enjoy the Rio Games even more.


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