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Hyacinthe Kemp (2)

Discover our member of the week, Hyacinthe Kemps!

– Hyacinthe, could you tell us a little bit more about your personality or passions?

I love the challenge and diversity of my work and when possible to translate in the fields. I am passionate about like environment, wildlife and biodiversity. I enjoy birdwatching and observing other wildlife. I also spend my spare time home decorating and running.

– Tell us more about your background!

I have been working as a freelance English to French translator for over six years after a previous career in teaching and living in Britain for ten years. I passed a Diploma in Translation in Britain before launching my translation business in France.

– How long have you been a member of AllTheContent News Agency? 

I have been working for AllTheContent for more than a year, translating various articles.

– What do you enjoy the most working with ATC? What will you say to convince other talents to join our network?

I enjoy the diversity of the subjects I translate that are often very informative and the reliability of the people I work with at ATC. All my queries are answered very quickly and the communication is clear and pleasant.

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