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Discover our Member of the week, Carmela Gaytàn!

How long have you been a member of AllTheContent News Agency and where did AllTheContent place your production?

I am working for AllTheContent News Agency since 14 months and I’ve translated documents for Yahoo.

– Could you tell us a little bit more about you, your education and your career so far?

I got a Certification in Translation from the UIC University in Mexico. Previously I got a Master in Science in Communication Systems and DSP at the University of Bristol, UK. Before that I studied In Mexico at the UNAM, where I got a Bachelor’s Degree in Electronic Engineering. I’ve been working on translation for almost four years and I love my job so much!

I like traveling, riding bicycle, reading and watching movies. I also enjoy tasting different foods and trying to determine which wine is the best in the World.

– What would you say, in a sentence, to convince other journalists and talents to join our network?

This is a unique company with a wide variety of content, people are respectful and friendly. You always find something interesting and fun for sure!

– Can you give us your impression about working with ATC?

I’ve enjoyed a lot working with the Head of Content. I’ve learned many things from your content. I’ve liked working with a group of professional and talented people and that encourages me to keep doing business with you.

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