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New week, new member! This time, discover Nora Bouazzouni!

– Could you tell us a little bit more about your personality or passions?

I’m a pop-culture enthusiast, TV & graphic novels addict, fierce feminist and food geek. And I hate sports except for dancing!

– Tell us more about your background!

After my Bachelor of Languages, Literature and Foreign Civilizations, I started working for the web content department of a communications agency, as a writer, translator and subeditor, which led me to music production. Then I started freelancing as a translator for various media outlets. Back in Paris after a year in Montreal, I worked as a subeditor, journalist, and most recently, as a project manager and editor-in-chief for a content curation tool at a French online magazine. I left and now, I’m a freelance writer, copyeditor and translator!

– How long have you been a member of AllTheContent News Agency? Where did AllTheContent place your production?

Only for 3 months but it feels like a year, since I had the opportunity to translate and proofread so many articles, mostly for Yahoo!

– What do you enjoy the most working with ATC? What will you say to convince other talents to join our network?

I’m a very curious and open-minded person, and I get bored very easily. So, I enjoy working with ATC because first, the stuff I get to translate or proofread revolves around movies, mainly, but the angles are so diverse: sports, lifestyle, science and even ghost stories! It’s very exciting when you don’t really know what the next gig is gonna be about. Plus, the ATC team is always very nice and available, and I very much appreciate their feedback on my work.

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