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Tip: 9 ways to conclude your stories in style

Whether you are a professional writer or are just starting out, concluding an interesting story can be tough – you need to consider the expectations of your audience,

How to protect your content?

Companies are spending more and more time and money creating unique and original content. But anyone who owns a smartphone can copy its content and reuse it anywhere.

Free and easy to use transcription tools

Transcription is generally often seen as  laborious. However, these transcription tools for journalists could simplify your work.

Member of the month | June 13

Pascale Valy
Miami, United States
On leaving France in May 2009 to move to Miami in Florida, Pascale Valy radically changed her life. It represented a real challenge

13 of the Best YouTube Channels on Freelancing

I was surprised to find very few channels dedicated to freelancing and freelancers. However, after much searching and investigating, I did manage to find 13 YouTube channels, which may be

How to Survive in the Crowded Freelance Writing Marketplace

There’s no question that there are a lot of freelancers out there. Some people even wonder if there are too many freelancers.
In particular, there seems to be an awful

Why Your Freelancing Business Must Have a Brand

Too many freelancers operate as just another nameless, faceless resource in crowded market. They don’t stand for anything and they haven’t distinguished themselves from the thousands of other freelancers who

The Building Blocks Of A Successful Freelancing Career

As a freelancer, entrepreneur or business owner, your main goal is to convert each client into a returning client. It’s much easier to keep your clients than always having

How to Find and Land Freelance Work

For many years before I started blogging and editing full-time, I made my living as a freelance writer. One of the biggest pain points for me during that part

Generalist vs. Niche Specialist Freelancing

Knowing exactly which direction you should go can prove to be a bit daunting, especially when it comes to choosing whether you’ll be a generalist or specialize in a niche.

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