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13 of the Best YouTube Channels on Freelancing

I was surprised to find very few channels dedicated to freelancing and freelancers. However, after much searching and investigating, I did manage to find 13 YouTube channels, which may be worthwhile for freelancers to explore.

For Your Viewing Pleasure

Here are 13 of the best YouTube channels on freelancing:

  1. FreelanceFolder
    Description:  Videos for freelancers, small business owners, and entrepreneurs.
    4 videos
    Created by our very own Mason Hipp. So far, the channel has provided practical tips and reviews for freelancers.
  2. How to Become a Freelance Writer
    Description: These videos by ExpertVillage Channel cover the basics of freelance writing.
    25 videos
    An excellent collection of short videos on various facets of freelance writing. The above links to the playlist instead of the Expert Village channel itself, which contains hundreds of videos on different topics.
  3. Freelance for Money
    Description:  Helping freelancers make more money, have more time, be more successful. Also helping people work out whether Freelancing is for them.
    21 videos
    This channel is filled with reviews, social media marketing tips, and other good stuff.
  4. 36Point
    Description: None
    8 videos
    Created by a community of graphic designers, the 36Point channel provides mostly reviews of books for freelancers. They put a lot of effort into their videos, and they’re always entertaining.
  5. Michael Locke, ML Web Consulting
    Description:  This YouTube channel is dedicated to sharing my experiences, thoughts, design tutorials, web design tips, advice, all for FREE!
    Over 50 videos
    Michael Locke is a freelance designer and a prolific YouTuber. He has created over 50 videos (I lost count) with lots of practical tips for designers.
  6. Set Yourself Freelance
    Description:  I’ve created this channel to help others, like yourself, learn how to develop their own freelance careers based on what I’ve learned along the way, and have the time and the freedom to pursue other things that you love in life!
    5 videos
    Singer, songwriter, artist, writer, and all-around creative guy, the creator of this channel shares his tips for successful freelancing.
  7. Wealthy Freelancer
    Description:  To help you become a wealthy freelancer in every sense of the word. So, you can put more money in the bank. Enjoy more time with your family. And make a great living doing what you love.
    5 videos
    Brought to us by the authors of the book by the same name, this channel has a few useful how-tos for freelancers.
  8. Virtual Assistant Live
    Description:  Matter-Of-Fact Advice and Tips for Virtual Assistants and Digital Nomads
    51 videos
    Another active channel, with a new video added every few days, Virtual Assistant Live, provides useful advice for virtual assistants.
  9. 2 Minutes with a VA
    Description:  The creator of this channel started 2 Minutes With A Virtual Assistant (VA) as a way to give back to the industry and to help answer questions from VAs about running a business as well as from clients about how to work with a VA.
    158 videos
    With over 150 videos, Candy Beauchamp, bookkeeper and the creator of this channel, is one active YouTuber! She’s very down to earth and uses her videos to address questions from her viewers.
  10. Creative Choices
    Description:  Creative Choices° provides the tools, knowledge and networks to support every individual and business getting into, and getting on in, the creative industries and cultural sector (performing arts, design, visual arts, literature, craft, cultural heritage, music and advertising).
    Over 60 videos
    This channel features the stories of employed and self-employed individuals in the creative and cultural field, mostly in the United Kingdom.
  11. Freelance Writing
    Description:  None
    51 videos
    Another channel populated with strange computer animation videos. However, they do provide solid content. Don’t miss the “Job Ads That Make Writers Laugh!” videos — perfect for when you need a break.
  12. Savvy Freelancer
    Description:  Tips, resources and other useful information for freelancers who want to achieve financial, creative, and lifestyle freedom. Just getting started? You’ll learn how to freelance. Been freelancing for a while? I’ll share everything I know about earning more, getting more productive, and having more free time as a freelancer.
    12 videos
    Tips, how-tos, reviews and the occasional question from yours truly.
  13. Career Renegade
    Description:  None
    21 videos
    Jonathan Fields, writer of the blog and book with the same title, maintains this YouTube channel, where you’ll find interviews and other information of interest to individuals who are going against the grain and creating the careers they love.

Anything Else?

Did I miss any YouTube channels that should be on a freelancer’s playlist? What freelancing-related channels do you watch? Please let us know in the comments below.


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