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3 tips for your digital marketing and content strategy

Photo by NeONBRAND on Unsplash

Video has become a pivotal tool in digital marketing and content strategy, it has also changed the advertising world. Advertisers now have to move away from traditional media and

Why content is so important ?

Digital advertising is disappearing because of ad blockers  in particular. So, marketers have to find new ways to reach their consumers, and content seems to be the best

5 essential content strategies in 2017

Not all content policies are equivalent. 300 American marketers have revealed which ones are the most effective and the most used. Here are the 5 unmissable content strategies in 2017

IndieGoGo: du crowdfunding à portée de clic

Le journalisme étant en perpétuelle redéfinition, notamment sur le plan économique, le crowdfunding apparaît comme une nouvelle solution à ne pas négliger.
Des journalistes ont d’ores et déjà expérimenté ce

Du bon usage de LinkedIn pour les journalistes

A l’heure où twitts et likes semblent diriger le monde, vous faites peut-être partie des journalistes 2.0 présents et actifs sur les réseaux sociaux? Alors si vous possédez un compte

Best time to tweet

When to tweet is a tool that allows you to work out the best time to tweet. Automated tweets or those reporting breaking news cannot be timed. But when is

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