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Yahoo!: ATCNA saute de joie

Not only ATCNA furnishes all the content, but our press agency also commits to insure all the production steps. One of our latest projects for Yahoo! illustrates that. Indeed, we have

ATCNA continue d’assurer le bien-être de “Wellness&Santé”! – ATCNA insures “Wellness&Santé” health!

Here are exemples of our writings in French and German of N°49 – May 2013 of the magazine “Wellness & Health”. A big thanks to our translators for their good

No translator is an island

Freelance translators are used to starting up their business and running it all on their own, and are usually doing a good job with it too. But once you reach

The challenge of the perception

That hit the spot! I found these pictures posted on “Translators do it better”on Facebook.

Do you agree? Don’t you feel like this sometimes? Let me know…

The Offensive Translator

In this video, Catherine Tate, a well-known British Comedian, claims to be able to translate into seven different languages.
Companies that hire amateurs to translate or interpret will run