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A new start to a local journal, L’Ajoie


Verticalizer has announced the purchasing of a local journal, L’Ajoie. Preceding the announcement, various news channels have covered the sale and conducted interviews with AllTheContent CEO and Verticalizer Associate, Clément Charles.



Un Genevois sauvé un journal local in extremis

Le Temps, a leading Romandy journal in the French Speaking part of Switzerland, discusses the current situation of a local journal of the L’Ajoie region in Jura, Switzerland. AllTheContent CEO and Verticalizer Associate, Clément purchase the troubled journal with the aspiration that through a strategic and localised content strategy, the journal will be revamped and strengthen its online presence.


Un Genevois sauve le journal L’Ajoie

Teletext, an online Swiss news portal, announces the sale confirmation of local journal, L’Ajoie. The announcement came six weeks after the group declared financial difficulties.


Un Genevois rachète le bihebdomadaire ajoulot

Swissinfo is a leading news and information platform, produced by the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation, announces the sales of the weekly local journal, L’Ajoie. Swissinfo briefly discusses the reasoning behind L’Ajoie’s announcement for the sale and financial difficulties.


Le journal L’Ajoie est sauvé, racheté par un Genevois

Archinfo, a Neuchatel based journal, announces the sale of L’Ajoie journal to Genevan based company, Verticalizer.


Le journal L’Ajoie racheté par un Genevois

RJB, a radio and online news portal based in Porrentury in Canton Jura, announces the purchasing of L’Ajoie by Geneva-based entrepreneur, Clément Charles.

L’Ajoie, created in 2014, announced in September that they will close their door and stop printing in November. Reduction in subscription and sales had resulted in the inability to be self-sustainable. The sales announcement also ensured that the local office will maintain it’s employees infrastructure and will continue providing news to the region.


Un Genevois rachète le bihebdomadaire ajoulot

RJF, Radio Frèquence Jura, announces the sale of local journal L’Ajoie to a Geneva-based company, Verticalizer.


Radio interview

Le journal L’Ajoie est sauvé, le trihebdomadaire et racheté par Clément Charles

Radio Télévision Suisse (RTS), a Swiss public broadcasting organisation, RTS La 1ère interviews Clément Charles regarding the recent purchasing of the local journal, L’Ajoie.

Mr Charles provides insights on reasons why he’s passionate about local journalism, the importance of maintaining L’Ajoie’s original business model and its integrity. Through strategic technical and managerial supports, the journal will have many years to come.

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