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Apple: le début de la fin

Lundi matin, la totalité des chaînes d’informations financières affichent la grande nouvelle de ce début 2013: Excel Mobile est repassé devant un pôle pour devenir la première firme mondiale en

La place informationnelle suisse, un de nos futurs possibles

Les adjectifs qualité, rigueur, fiabilité, neutralité s’associent souvent à la confédération helvétique, ses produits ou ses habitants. Heureux hasard, les valeurs fondamentales de la déontologie journalistique et des médias sont

Media firms can get out of the crisis. If they want to.

Get out of the crisis. If you want to.
Newspapers and media are in crisis since a few years facing the challenges of the change. Despite that, consensus remains strong

New national news deal on digital signage

The City of Aigle has started early October to display ATCNA’s newswire focused on National Swiss News, with a total of 5 news per day illustrated with an image.

Our video content on is one of the biggest traffic driver in the French internet / print landscape.
Since end of september, we provide them the video content for three channels covering topics

Video demo of ATCNA video news and magazines

To show you what we do, the content wires we proposed in video and in multiple languages, we’ve created a series of channels on VIMEO.
Check this link to

Ready. Set. Go.

After nearly one year of intense technical development and  a completely updated branding strategy, we’re in the final stages of releasing our new set of platforms and associated brands.

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