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Yahoo!: ATCNA saute de joie

Not only ATCNA furnishes all the content, but our press agency also commits to insure all the production steps. One of our latest projects for Yahoo! illustrates that. Indeed, we have

ATCNA continue d’assurer le bien-être de “Wellness&Santé”! – ATCNA insures “Wellness&Santé” health!

Here are exemples of our writings in French and German of N°49 – May 2013 of the magazine “Wellness & Health”. A big thanks to our translators for their good

ATCNA / Bluewin: 100 articles au compteur – 100 articles already!

It’s in less than two months that we reached a hundred fresh stories written for Bluewin. By we, we mean all the journalists, writers and proofreaders, who make of ATCNA

L’actu des stars en vidéo pour Bluewin

Since soon 1 year, ATCNA furnishes videos “Entertainment News” to the site Bluewin of Swisscom. In this way and each week, we produce 3 contents presenting international celebrities news

ATCNA Summer Party!

Que le temps passe vite… Notre dernière ATCNA party date déjà du mois de décembre!
Depuis, les avancées de notre agence de presse ont été nombreuses: nouveaux clients, nouveaux mandats,

The collaboration ATCNA x “Wellness & Santé” feels at its best

ATCNA produces interviews, articles and texts for the magazine (Wellness & Health). As well and because of our talented translators, we provide this contents for the French and German versions.

La collaboration ATCNA x “Wellness & Santé” est en pleine forme

ATCNA fournit interviews, articles et textes pour le magazine “Wellness & Santé”. Celui-ci est distribué dans une centaine de pharmacies de Suisse romande et alémanique du groupe Salveo. Aussi, grâce

ATCNA accouche d’une nouvelle édition de

ATCNA is proud to introduce one of its last contents. It consists in a magazine for young parents released in Switzerland both in French and German ( ATCNA takes care

Our last articles in Italian

In addition to its wire services provided since 2005, ATCNA now provides around 12 articles weekly in Italian for Bluewin, the portal of Swiss leading Telco Swisscom.
Ciao A

Member of the month | April 13

Alexandra Douros
Paris, France
After a first experience in the world of communication and PR, Alexandra’s passion for medias coupled with her interest to inform and communicate, naturally brought her

Member of the month | February 13

Julie Bauer
Geneva, Switzerland
Holder of a Master of Arts, Julie Bauer has worked for various media and also several companies in the field communication. She produces news, articles, interviews

L’avenir appartient à ceux qui se lèvent tôt

L’équipe ATC Future Medias ne craint ni le froid, ni la neige, ni les réveils matinaux (enfin presque…). Les membres du team n’ont pas hésité à affronter le rigoureux hiver