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DragonFly: intelligent advertising

Perceptin, just launched a new intelligent vehicle that uses smart technology to interact and collect data from customers. DragonFly uses “digital signage to push video content on the viewers.”

What’s trending in the Global Digital-Out-Of-Home market?

A new report, “Global Digital-Out-Of-Home (DOOH) Market Insights and Forecast to 2025” report was recently released by The study offers the overview of the DOOH market, including, future trends,

Samsung aims to impress

LED signage (DOOH) is the future of communication. Various companies are implementing this technology within their communication long-term plans, vending machines, retail and even the medical sector. This

New national news deal on digital signage

The City of Aigle has started early October to display ATCNA’s newswire focused on National Swiss News, with a total of 5 news per day illustrated with an image.